Friday, December 17, 2010

Using the Siebel WebClient

Application URLs

A Siebel application’s URL is formed from :
Application’s Web server name
Application name
Suffix identifying the application language
Web server name:
Application name: callcenter (Siebel Call Center)
Language suffix: _enu (American English)
Web server name:
Application name: esales (Siebel eSales)
Language suffix: _fra (French)

Views are made up of one or more applets
List applet displays records in rows
Form applet displays a single record in a two-dimensional layout


Picklists allow user to select a field value from a list
Two types of picklist:
Static: User selects a value from a fixed drop-down list
Dynamic: User selects a value from list of changing values
Examples: Accounts, Opportunities, Contacts

Multi-value groups (MVGs) assign one or more values to a field in a record
Only the primary value will be displayed in a list or form

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